This Development Log, maybe these days I should call it a Development Blog, began in 1998 when I was training to achieve my registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Just into that course we were directed to keep a diary, journal or log of our experiences. Its role was to act as a tool for us to both reflect on our work and what we learned as well to be reflexive, that is for us to recognise the effects of the experiences on us as well as our own influence and effects on our work with clients and with trainers.

In 1998 I wrote that “My audience for this log is beyond just the examiners for the registration. I hope it’ll be for people in the future to provide some insight. Insight in to:

The NLP psychotherapy course and my development.

My thoughts about the issues that are realised by the course
and the other participants and the experiences that we bring to the course.

My experience as a gay man practicing NLP.

Other ideas I’ve yet to think about.”

I think that these are still valid although I’ve come a long way since 1998.

In case I’ve lost anyone so far – NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming and NLPt means Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy. NLP was developed in the early 1980s mainly by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. By observing how some of the most respected psychotherapists of their day achieved great results Bandler and Grinder began to codify what they thought they saw was happening and try it out with friends and colleagues. They also added a few other things that they learned from other people, they had their own experiences and so they built a successful process for, as Grinder has put it, accelerated learning. Their success was justified because they taught what they had learned to others who, in their own turn, achieved similar and sometimes better results. This will become much more clear as the training develops and if you read my past Development Logs as well.

In a recent email from a friend who saw an early version of this blog she said that what was missing was my sense of fun. Whilst I can’t pretend that this blog will be a laugh a minute I hope that there will fun along the way. Maybe it will grow as I become more confident and focussed in what I write. She also said that in the blog I use “I” a lot and that it’s centered around me. My intent is that I shouldn’t speak for anyone else in this blog – it is about my experiences, thoughts and ideas. However, I am more than happy to respond to the thoughts and ideas of other people and argue and learn from them ….er….you (the reader) that is.

And that reminds me, part of the Constructivist way of working is to understand, maybe believe, that like all interactions and communications therapy is created by those taking part. As a therapist I am not simply a passive observer or interpreter of and for the client and that in the process of “being with” my client so we are both changed. So, as you read or dip into and out of this Log you will be changed and, if you feedback to me, I will also become part of that change.

I hope this is enough to entice you in and read some of my blog – do post your comments and let me know how your experiences are similar or different.

Click on the “Categories” over to your left and choose a place to start at my first thoughts here or go straight to day 1 of the training here

I look forward to hearing from you………

Martin Weaver


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